4398 Chouteau Gets Plan for Apartments, Lafser & Associates Office

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A prime example of the stubbornness of some buildings in the hot Forest Park Southeast (The Grove) market, the rebirth of 4398 Chouteau has been imagined by more than one developer and passerby. Now, CityRise Development and Lafser & Associates, which share ownership and an office in suburban Creve Coeur, are planning to remake it as first floor offices, and eight 1BD/1BA market rate apartments.

A full historic renovation of the 6,000 sf building is planned. State and federal historic tax credits and a 10-year tax abatement will be sought. The property has been listed for years near $400K, with the latest public asking price at $395K. The property is currently under contract for $300K. Construction cost is estimated at $860K.

Interior alterations would increase the building’s interior space to 7,200 sf, allowing for the introduction of additional apartments. To achieve this, just more than half of the first floor, the area not occupied by the Lafser office, would be lowered to accommodate three living levels at the rear of the building.

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Most recently the building was used as a warehouse and part of the building was divided into three levels. The building dates to 1909, and was constructed to accommodate a first floor office and second floor housing. Over the past 107 years, 3498 has been home to a dressmaker, dentist, tailor, physician and was the location of Hogan’s Pharmacy for a significant part of that time.

Construction could begin as early as October of this year with completion summer 2017. The building is listed as a contributing structure in the Forest Park South East National Register Historic District. Planned are 9 parking spaces on the rear lot, which would require a new curb cut on Newstead Avenue. The request for tax abatement and the Newstead curb cut will be heard by the Park Central Development Corporation Tuesday, August 2.

According to the Lafser & Associates website, the company provides “services to the redevelopment community in the areas of historic preservation and restoration, environmental compliance and remediation, as well as energy conservation and solar energy production through financial incentives and creative solutions.” It appears as though both Lafser and CityRise would call the first floor office space home.

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  • imran

    And yet another curb cut. (Grrrrr)
    Whatever happened to alley access?

    • Alex Ihnen

      On the small lot it appears that just 5 parking space could fit with alley access. Curb cuts aren’t to be welcomed, but this one isn’t terrible – not like a curb cut for a high traffic retail space.

    • I have no idea what I’m doing

      Alley access is one of the most awful parts of St. Louis. People who move here from other parts of the country hate it. They’re not going to invest in St. Louis homes so long as the city is stuck in the past and severely restricting their rights to build on their own lots with silly antiquated rules like alley access.

      • Adam

        “People who move here from other parts of the country hate it.”


        “They’re not going to invest in St. Louis homes…”

        Yet they’re investing in St. Louis homes.

  • Michael B

    So wonderful to see this. It’s a beautiful building. I feared I would have to watch it fall apart while the price remained too high. This is great news!

    Now if only something could be done with the Laclede Gas building that Aventura has surrounded. I can’t complain though; a walk through the neighborhood using Google Streetview from 2007 shows incredible change in the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to seeing more historic buildings revived and more contemporary new construction to compliment it!

  • John R

    Great to see this gorgeous corner building get a renewed life… long wondered why that was sitting empty. It also looks like the company will be relocating from Creve Couer, so that’ll be a pick-up in jobs and help justify tax abatement,

    One block over, btw, I read Amy’s bakery has closed b/c of rising rent. Changes a’plenty in FPSE.