UIC Custom Home Proposed for 4167 Blaine in Botanical Heights

UIC Custom Home Proposed for 4167 Blaine in Botanical Heights

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From the City of St. Louis Cultural Resources Office recommendation to the Preservation Board:

Preliminary Findings and Conclusion:

The Cultural Resources Office consideration of the criteria for new residential construction in
the North-I44 Historic District Standards led to these preliminary findings:

  • The construction site, 4176 Blaine, is located in the North I-44 Local Historic District.
  • The proposed design complies with most of the requirements for new construction in
    the North I-44 District Standards. On the whole, given its contemporary design, the
    project can be considered generally in compliance with the intent of the Standards.
  • The proposed design is appropriate for the location.

The block has a mix of different
architectural styles that allow the new construction to fit well with the streetscape.
Based on the Preliminary findings, the Cultural Resources Office recommends that the
Preservation Board grant preliminary approval for the proposed new construction with the
condition that the designs be developed as proposed and that final design details and materials
will be reviewed and approved by the Cultural Resources Office to ensure compliance with the
district standards.

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