28th Ward Alderwoman Krewson Announces Mayoral Run

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Announcement text:

Dear Friends…

After much thought and with the enthusiastic support of my family, I am today announcing my candidacy for Mayor of St. Louis. There are many factors that have influenced my decision, but one thing is very clear…it does matter who we have as our Mayor.

Since 1997, I have been privileged to represent the people of the 28th Ward – one of the most racially and economically diverse areas of the city, I am also privileged to serve as the chief financial office of PGAV, an international design and planning firm based in St. Louis.

These experiences have prepared me for the complex and challenging task of running our city and making sure that the voices and concerns of the people of St. Louis continue to be heard.

St Louis has many things of which we can be proud. Keeping the NGA in the city, the spectacular success of Cortex, our world-class universities and health care, and our wonderful people are among them. Like you, I believe that St Louis, despite its challenges, is a community with great bones and a strong heart. I am determined to build on our strengths and move past our challenges so that we can create safer neighborhoods, modernize local government, and create economic growth and job opportunities for all of our citizens.

In the coming weeks and months, I will walk every area of St Louis – North to South – East to West. Along the way I am going to listen… to hear what you think… and to learn. And in the process I hope I will earn your vote… and that you will join me to build a city that is as good as the people who live here.

With your help, I will continue to tackle the hard issues…with civility & determination… and with inclusion & fairness.

Join me on this journey to the Mayor’s office- go to www.LydaKrewson.com to learn how!

Thank you,


From lydakrewson.com:

Lyda Krewson

As 28th Ward Alderman, Lyda Krewson has represented our interests at City Hall, and the City’s interests throughout the region, since 1997. She has done so with a demeanor that combines civility and determination – fairness and inclusion.

Lyda is a CPA and the Chief Financial Officer of Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, Inc. (PGAV) – an international design and planning firm. She is responsible for leading the financial, contractual, budgeting, banking, legal, insurance and business activities of this industry leader.

As Alderman, Lyda has worked closely with neighbors to resolve neighborhood problems, reduce crime, consider development proposals, and always to balance the interests of residents and businesses.

Lyda has unapologetically taken on the tough and controversial issues including a comprehensive smoking ban and the state’s concealed carry statutes. She led the way on modernizing city government as the first alderman to support across-the-board charter reform. Lyda also played a key role in the successful effort to reduce the size of the Board of Aldermen from 28 to 14.

Lyda has sponsored legislation that placed restrictions on scrap metal trafficking, implemented the REAL Change Program in the CWE to help reduce panhandling and instead encourage social services, and limits on the use of “dark money” in municipal elections.

Since Missouri is the only state without a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), Lyda recently worked with St Louis County to establish a joint PDMP to address our region’s growing opioid problem.

Lyda was instrumental in bringing the City of St. Louis and Forest Park Forever together in an unusual $130 million public/private partnership to secure 30 years of funding and maintenance for Forest Park. She has also invested in street improvements to make neighborhoods more accessible for walkers and bike riders, planted over 1500 trees, sponsored the ‘doggie dining’ bill, and spearheaded the Sunflower+ Program.

After graduating with an education degree from Truman State University, Lyda moved to St. Louis where she obtained her accounting degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Lyda is a CPA, formerly an auditor for Deloitte, and continues as the CFO of PGAV.

Lyda is the Chairman of the Transportation & Commerce Committee, and serves on the Airport Commission and Port Authority. She previously served as the chairman of Ways & Means, Convention & Tourism, and Parks & Environment committees.

In 1995 Lyda’s husband, Jeff Krewson, was tragically murdered in a random attempted carjacking in front of their CWE row house. With the support of family, friends, and many great neighbors, Lyda continued to raise her 2 kids there. In 1998, Lyda married Mike Owens. Today, they enjoy neighborhood walks, gardening, and occasional hikes in the mountains. Like all parents, Lyda and Mike are so proud of their kids. Jack is a Teach for America math teacher at Normandy High School. Taylor is the teen leadership camp director for Wyman.

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  • Hobbes

    Can’t vote for someone who killed a public vote on the stadium.

    • rgbose

      It was the Mayor’s office and city attorney’s job to defend the public vote ordinance. Or do you mean in a roundabout way by voting for the stadium financing deal?

      • Hobbes

        I mean this,
        A St. Louis aldermanic committee on Wednesday killed a bill requiring that voters decide whether to contribute public funds to a $1 billion Mississippi riverfront stadium.

        The Convention and Tourism Committee failed to advance bill No. 207 by a vote of 5-3. Aldermen Joseph Vollmer, Jack Coatar, Marlene Davis, Tammika Hubbard and Lyda Krewson voted against advancing the bill. Aldermen Shane Cohn, Scott Ogilvie and Sharon Tyus voted to advance the bill to the full Board of Aldermen.


        • rgbose

          OK, thanks!

  • pkh

    I worked with Lyda as part of the deBaliviere Place association. She is smart, concerned about the city, has a strong business background, and is a consensus builder. She has my vote.

  • rgbose

    I like Lyda a lot. The stadium vote is a hang up for me. I don’t think she was a true believer like Coater, we’ll have to ask her more about it.

    She was a leader on the BoA shrinkage effort. So there’s one for going against the status quo.

  • mc

    If it’s between Lyda Crewson and Lewis Reed, I’d definitely vote for Lyda Crewson. She isn’t perfect but we cannot have Lewis Reed or Antonio French as mayor of St. Louis. That would be devastating.

    • Hobbes

      Reed is a misogynistic pig.

  • ChrisO

    The mayoral field seems to be woefully lacking young progressive candidates who care about new urbanism. Basically the candidates are either career/machine politicians (Reed, Jones) or status quo candidates like Ms. Krewson. Can we please get a real progressive choice, please?

  • Imran

    So like some here, I started of not liking Lyda’s stances on many issues. Over the years living in the 28th ward though I have gotten to know her better.

    It turns out she strives to best represent her constituents which usually means taking the time to listen to opposing opinions and then bringing them into context. She slowly earns the trust of people by doing this so when the time comes to push for tough urban issues, people trust her judgement enough to agree to give a little in terms of their opposition.

    She gets that the city needs to be pedestrian friendly and dense to be able to sustain businesses and the local economy. In the 28th ward, she has been an advocate for historic architecture when developers have proposed things like gas stations.
    She even managed to open a previously blocked street ( Olive near Walton) and made some enemies in the process.

    While I would support a crash-and-burn, urban-or-bust leader for the city, she does seem to be able to build relationships and consensus. It would be interesting to see how she would influence City Hall and the region at large (city-county)

  • Riggle

    The Dinosaur canidate

  • SnakePlissken

    The more, the merrier. Personally I’d rather have an Independent within the business community as our next Mayor but she has plenty of experience and is well respected within St. Louis. That said, she has spent 20 years in a system that is in need of significant reform. So, not sure how I really feel about her yet.

  • Shayne

    Anyone who voted in favor of the disastrous stadium financing has one hell of a steep climb to win my vote for mayor, and she voted for it.

    • Steve Kluth

      Nothing like one-issue voters to keep the discussion going.

      • PeterXCV

        That is so much more than one issue, the stadium deal might as well be the symbol of the ineffective, costly and sometimes damaging silver bullet development strategy in St. Louis.
        And she was also one of the ones that said we had to approve it soon and not wait for a vote. That was also far from the first time she’s supported corporate interests that hold our city at ransom for subsidies despite providing few new jobs while startups and small businesses do way more to promote economic development.

        Count me as one of the people hoping for more candidates after Lyda.

        • Michael B

          Agreed. I won’t rule someone out because they voted for the stadium, but it raises my level of concern and does create a “steep climb” for them as a candidate, as Shayne said. It’s hard for me to hear someone say that they’re going to listen to the people of St. Louis when they pushed for a vote so as to silence the people of St. Louis on a disastrous use of our resources. I’d love to see a direct response to that during her candidacy.

  • allow me to start the discussion with, who?

    • ParallelParker

      Jason, Ms. Krewson has served the City of St. Louis with distinction for decades and has experienced the problems the City sometimes faces in a direct fashion that I am confident that you have not. I think the better questions are who are you and what do you know — which is apparently not much.

      • thomas h benton

        I think it’s fair to characterize her as a status quo candidate, and it’s also fair to question how well the status quo has been working for St. Louis. This web site caters to urbanists and progressives. I think you would be hard pressed to call someone who supported a pie in the sky stadium deal – which really never had a chance – any of those things.

      • matimal

        Are you doing her PR?