$20M, 126-Unit Apartment Development Planned for Soulard

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Faultless Laundry_Russell

According to a press release, the old single-story Faultless Laundry warehouse at Russell and Gravois at the edge of the Soulard neighborhood may soon see a $20M, 126-unit, five-story mixed-use apartment project.

Though no images have been made available, the building designed by Trivers Associates will “cascade from five stories to three” and aim to match the historic character of the neighborhood. If all goes according to plan, demolition may occur this year, with project completion in the fall of 2017.

From the press release:

Brothers Brett and David Apted are developing the project for Propper Construction Services. “Soulard is one of St. Louis’ oldest and most historic communities, one shaped with great pride by its residents and businesses,” said Brett Apted. “We look forward to adding to the tapestry of this vibrant neighborhood and its great walkability.”

“We envision the apartments appealing to those who want to live close to Downtown St. Louis businesses, sports venues and other attractions,” noted David Apted.

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  • Lillian Thompson

    I’ve seen two presentations on the proposed development, which looks like a quality product (and an investment twice as large as the sad one at Victor/S 7th). Residents have expressed concerns about traffic control (the photo above doesn’t capture the Gravois corridor and I55 entrance there). There’s a good chance that a traffic study will be commissioned to come up with solutions for that. Dialog with the neighborhood has been great and the developers have been responsive to input they’ve received.

  • Billikens&Bricks

    The intersection of Russell and Gravois feels four times longer than it actually is… new development near the intersection and an improved streetscape (Greater Gravois Initiative) could go a long way towards making Soulard feel less like an island.

  • Presbyterian

    This is the block west of McGurk’s. A good design at this location has the potential to help define a currently fuzzy edge to the neighborhood.

  • Riggle

    Muh parking

  • Adam

    interested to see the site plan. i assume parking—either lot or structure—will abut/face the highway.

  • citylover

    Guesss this means most single and multi family brick units are filled up. Can’t wait to see changes in soulard in the 2020 census. This is a different project than victor st apartments right?

    • citylover

      Ha. Didn’t mean to put so many sss.

    • John R

      Yes, this is on the west side of the neighborhood; the one on 7th St. on the east side was denied initial approval and is having an appeal hearing tomorrow I believe.