Rezoning, Demo, Street Closure Sought for South Grand Aldi Expansion

Until we become a new media behemoth, it’s going to continue to be difficult to cover all the issues we’d like to across St. Louis. So sometimes we have to use shorthand. We wanted to bring this issue to your attention and figured architect Paul Hohmann put it well in just two Tweets. Specifically, the city’s Plan Commission will consider the following:

ACTION ITEMS: Zoning 4. PDA-051-16-REZ – 3701-03 S. Grand, 3737-53 S. Grand, 3617-21 Chippewa, 3620 Phillips & 3622 Phillips – Rezoning by Petition – Rezone J, F & B to H – ALDI Grocery Store – Tower Grove South Neighborhood (CB 1604.05 & 1604.06).

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.38.02 AMAldi - South Grand at ChippewaSouth Grand Aldi