Rezoning, Demo, Street Closure Sought for South Grand Aldi Expansion

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Until we become a new media behemoth, it’s going to continue to be difficult to cover all the issues we’d like to across St. Louis. So sometimes we have to use shorthand. We wanted to bring this issue to your attention and figured architect Paul Hohmann put it well in just two Tweets. Specifically, the city’s Plan Commission will consider the following:

ACTION ITEMS: Zoning 4. PDA-051-16-REZ – 3701-03 S. Grand, 3737-53 S. Grand, 3617-21 Chippewa, 3620 Phillips & 3622 Phillips – Rezoning by Petition – Rezone J, F & B to H – ALDI Grocery Store – Tower Grove South Neighborhood (CB 1604.05 & 1604.06).

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.38.02 AMAldi - South Grand at ChippewaSouth Grand Aldi


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  • Jeff Abernathy

    National, the back end of the Southside tower parking lot, almost anywhere. This is terrible design. Now…if they had sited it differently, perhaps with windows on Grand and Chippewa, maybe thats ok. As far as National, since its sitting there empty, I’d even be ok with forcing eminent domain to get a store into there that wants to be.

  • Where’s the pedestrian access? Why is the corner radius becoming larger when turning from Grand to Chippewa?

  • rgbose

    What was this?

  • Imran

    Just heard that this didn’t pass.

  • KOBie

    Is this because Aldi’s already owns the property? If so, expecting them to move to another location when they can just build out on property they already own might be difficult.

    • Imran

      They could build on the available property without demolishing houses or closing streets. The need for parking is always overstated. Their gigantic parking lot at Delmar/Khwy is always empty. Worse case, have their parking lot across the street without closing it. Plus there is street parking here – not much else going on.

      • Chris

        Does the city put restrictions on them regarding parking spaces,
        driveways to busy streets, fencing and water drainage? They may be
        trying to comply with such restrictions. I can’t imagine that they
        wouldn’t prefer a storefront facing Grand. (I think that having parking across Grand would be a traffic nightmare.)

        I agree, I’d prefer
        that they move to the old National storefront, but the cost for that may
        be a lot more than building from scratch. Having said that, if you’re
        going to tear down a building….

        • Imran

          I was referring to parking across Phillips place. you know, the side street they want to get rid off. Not Grand avenue.

      • Chris Matthews

        You call the homes historic buildings, but how do you define that? Just because they are old? They are nice houses, but not really different from thousands of others in the St. Louis area.

  • Imran

    Who’s ward is this in? (sigh) time to start e-mailing.

  • Paul Hohmann

    Here’s an Aldi in Pittsburgh w/ pedestrian entry at the corner & garage entry off side street! Appears to be a historic building, but new stores are built in cities across the US with parking tucked under the store or on the roof.

    • gmichaud

      Very good, great solution. Megan Green I think will actually listen to this approach. The whole stretch from Taco Bell to Chippewa should be redeveloped in this manner. They would still have the same number of parking spaces, so it is completely absurd not to include the pedestrian in urban designs.

  • Larry Guinn

    Aldi’s store at Kingshighway and Delmar is an example of why they shouldn’t be able to develop as they please. They built a small store in the center of a huge lot that’s surrounded by a fence. There may be a pedestrian entrance on one side of the property, but most everyone has to dodge cars in the driveways in order to shop there. Another out-of-place suburban development in an urban area.

    • Chris Matthews

      That huge lot is not just for Aldi, other developments are going in there too. There is now a White Castle, and I believe something is planned for the south east corner of the site.

  • Terry

    Why not National? It sure seems less disruptive. I’m assuming the call center that used to be in the building is gone.

    • Chris Matthews

      Schnuck’s still controls the lot. I doubt they want to allow any competition to take over the space.