Proof that Any Building Can Be Saved: 2924 McNair – Benton Park

Proof that Any Building Can Be Saved: 2924 McNair – Benton Park


The real estate listing for 2924 McNair near Benton Park says it’s a Landmarks Association Most Enhanced award winner. We’d call it a holy #&$@, you did what?! award winner. This shell, ruins really, of a modest home in historic south St. Louis is now on the market for $399K. The previous recorded sale price is $300, making the listing a +132,900% increase.

The building that was left for dead for many years is now a 3BD, 3BA, 2,900sf home. The property had been in the possession of the Land Reutilization Authority, abandoned by a previous owner. We first noticed the building when it was purchased by a developer back in 2014.

Built in 1890, modest shotgun homes like this have been seen as a challenge to restore. Without a significant alteration, they’re smaller than what many families desire. It may not appeal to everyone, but it makes a bold statement. It’s proof that not only can any building be repurposed, but that every building has value.

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Basic work such as water lines, tuckpointing, etc. can be very near the cost of a much larger home. Getting a return on a project like this is difficult. So we hope this home sells for the asking price and the risk taken here is rewarded.

St. Louis does not get the credit it deserves for its historic building stock and the incredible investments being made to preserve our amazing buildings. Projects like this can change the narrative. We’ll keep this home in mind the next time we hear that it’s not “feasible” to renovate an historic St. Louis building.

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