Design for Big Changes for Clayton’s Shaw Park Revealed

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Shaw Park 1

The City of Clayton has worked with SWT Design to create a plan to transform the northeast corner of Shaw Park. The refined plans, which will be reviewed by the city’s Architectural Review Board at an upcoming meeting, closely mirror those depicted in the park’s master plan, also by SWT.

Chapman Plaza, as the north entry is titled, would lead to a cascading water feature and pond. The project is part of a first phase identified in the park’s master plan. Phase II could include “Century Garden”, a new eastern entry to the park, with an additional phase introducing an adjacent new multi-purpose facility.

Shaw Park 2Shaw Park 6Shaw Park 7Shaw Park 5Shaw Park 4Shaw Park 3

The Shaw Park Master Plan and images from previous planning documents:

Shaw Park 8Shaw Park 9Shaw Park 12Shaw Park 10Shaw Park 11Shaw Park 14

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  • moorlander

    Ground breaking later this month

  • Brian Lewis

    “Gathering node?”

    No. Just….no.

    The rest of it looks great, and as someone who is in the park on a weekly basis I gotta say I’m really disappointed in the northeast corner. Plans like this to make that more attractive and welcoming are very, very welcome.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Hey Brian, see you at the gathering node? No? Oh, ok. 🙁

      • Brian Lewis

        I’ve always been more of a promenade man, myself.

  • Tim E

    Improvements look great. I just have to chuckle on a region surrounded by natural waterways encompassing the smallest creeks and watersheds to the big muddy embrace these artificially placed in amenities in the parks.

    The Great Rivers Greenway and additional tax support is great but even then a lot of the development and or improvements embrace trails and the immediate landscape but do little improve the natural watershed itself. The complexity, engineering, and cost to put back some natural waterways such as River Des Peres flowing through Forest Park instead of in a big storm drain underneath would be huge but a long term goal that I think the region should embrace.

    • SnakePlissken

      I remember seeing a plan years ago to remake the River Des Peres through South City into a “green watershed.” If I recall correctly they were aiming to restore the RDP from the concrete sewer it is now. I may be wrong but either way removal and restoration from sewer to habitat could be a phenomenal project – pricey too…

    • Presbyterian

      My understanding is that a donor is funding the installation and maintenance of the water features in Shaw Park. There once was a stream the went through the center of Shaw Park. The pond is designed to function for bio filtration, storm water management, and habitat creation and education.

  • Presbyterian

    These look like some fantastic improvements. SWT has done a lot of cool work in Forest Park and the St. Louis Zoo, including the Rivers Edge. I’m excited to see that level of design applied to Shaw Park!

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