Dave Bailey Eyes Abandoned Shaw Gas Station for Next Restaurant

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4175 Shaw_Baileys Restaurant

In 2013, the Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation identified the abandoned gas station at 4175 Shaw as both an opportunity for, and a detriment to, the Shaw neighborhood. The development corporation purchased the long vacant building at a St. Louis City tax sale and as a non-profit was able secure funding to complete the necessary clean up of the contaminated site.

As the site was prepared for private investment, TGNCDC released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 1,600sf 1924 building sitting on a 10,000sf lot. TGNCDC has now announced that a proposal from restauranteur Dave Bailey has been selected to pursue development of the site.

The proposal, from the man behind restaurants Rooster, Range, Bridge, Small Batch, and the Chocolate Bar, would be a casual burger place, with a take out window and kids menu. The site would be completely renovated, with estimated costs of $400K. A variance will be needed for the restaurant to occupy the building. We’re guessing, but given the popularity of Bailey’s restaurants, this idea should find a lot of support in the Shaw neighborhood.

In a post on the TGNCDC website, Sean Spencer, Executive Director, stated, “Through the process of talking with neighbors, evaluating our survey results and our on site neighborhood open house event, we determined that the neighborhood was interested in preserving and re-purposing the building into a commercial use. David Bailey’s successful track record and experience with high quality historic tax credit projects, experience operating highly successful restaurants, passion for improving neighborhoods with his businesses, financial ability to perform and his commitment to working with neighbors through the approval process made him an obvious choice.”

Assuming it’s successful, 4175 Shaw would mark yet another success for the growing TGNCDC. Sean Spencer detailed some of the organization’s recent projects when he joined the Future Great City podcast [listen here]. Other projects include expanding its tenant screening service The Screen Door (a nextSTL advertiser), a nuisance property becoming a police substation, funding for improved access to Tower Grove Park, a meth house now remade, pushing the redevelopment of the vacant Detonty site forward, and others.

One the worst eyesores of an area of the city seeing significant investment, small pre-WWII gas stations are seeing a new life. Contamination at the sites from leaking tanks and service bays used for decades kept the sites vacant for years, ultimately preserving them for reuse.

2232 Thurman – The Social Affair

2232 thurmanold 2232Thurman2

4266 McRee – Olio

Olio before and after

4175 Shaw Boulevard RFP – St. Louis, MO by nextSTL.com


October 14, 2016 – Dave Bailey makes it official:


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  • Ashley

    I cannot wait for this addition to my neighborhood!!!!!!!

  • STLrainbow

    Bailey now owns this bad boy so it looks like the burger dream is alive and well for Shaw.

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  • John Warren

    7263 Natural Bridge Road. It’s already on the historic register.

  • Also, The Filling Station at Kingshighway & Eichelberger. Wiggling around it on Google StreetView shows the then and now.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Yes. Macklind and Bischoff on The Hill as well (and others I’m sure).

      • Michael B

        Tower Grove and Gibson in FPSE is my pick. Maybe it will get more attention now that Sauce on the Side is going in on the corner of Tower Grove and Manchester.

        • Alex Ihnen

          Offers have been made on that site. As I understand it, the owner does not have a realistic idea of what it’s worth.

          • Michael B

            That’s good to know. I’m not surprised to hear that. There seem to be a few people in the neighborhood who are holding onto their properties as if they were made out of gold. It’s true: prices have gone up a lot, but they haven’t gone up that much.

          • rgbose

            Same problem at Delmar and Skinker and on Delmar east of the Metrolink tracks.

          • SnakePlissken

            See the SouthEast corner of Chouteau and Newstead – Not an old filling station but an example of an unrealistic owner. Last i checked the property was for sale for $400K and in need of $600K+ in rehab.

          • Alex Ihnen

            I can’t confirm it, but I was told owner was offered $400K on $450K asking price and turned it down. People think they’re sitting on gold mines in FPSE.