More than $2M in Permits Issued for Montclair on the Park Renovations

Montclair on the Park2

Since mid-March, more than $2M in permits have been issued for work on the Montclair on the Park apartments on Kingshighway in the Central West End. Completed in 1951, the Montclair was the first high-rise build in the neighborhood since the Park Plaza (1931). It would be followed by the Parc Frontenac a block to the north five years later.

Permits include $576K for “amenities spaces”, $245 for “lobby and entrance”, $1.14M for “1FL units”, and $45K for “new entrance canopy”. A separate $2.5M permit was issued in June 2015 for interior alternations. Blackline LLC is listed as contractor on all permits.

Today, the Montclair is adjacent to several significant development projects as the $1B+ investment in the WUSM/BJC medical complex continues and Forest Park Parkway is brought to grade with Kingshighway.

Montclair on the Park