Anticipating NGA Headquarters, Pruitt-Igoe Site to be Re-Zoned

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Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.10.31 PM

The LCRA is petitioning for a zoning change at the long vacant Pruitt-Igoe site. The request is one more step towards setting the stage for redevelopment adjacent to the hoped-for $1.6B National Geospatial Intelligence Agency headquarters. The goal is the development of a “healthcare precinct” and 2-4 story retail and hospitality front Cass Avenue.

The healthcare plan would include Paul McKee’s planned urgent care hospital, as well as medical office buildings and an extended stay hotel. The re-zoning consolidates three parcels into one and zones the Pruitt-Igoe site for uses compatible with redevelopment plans and the possible presences of the NGA headquarters. Development adjacent to that site will be limited to mid-rise construction. The new zoning would be classified “G” Local Commercial and Office District.

The petition also includes renderings and examples of desired development. As the petition states, “The goal is to address the architectural character and guide development of a dense, urban environment on the Pruitt-Igoe site including the form and massing of buildings, as well as streetscape layout and design.” Re-zoning requires the approval of the city’s Board of Alderman. Several votes related to NorthSide Regeneration and the NGA site have been contentious, but a rezoning is expected to be easily approved.

[More National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency coverage on nextSTL]

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.10.44 PMPruitt-Igoe redevelopment plan, LCRA - St. Louis, MOPruitt-Igoe redevelopment plan, LCRA - St. Louis, MOPruitt-Igoe redevelopment plan, LCRA - St. Louis, MOPruitt-Igoe redevelopment plan, LCRA - St. Louis, MOPruitt-Igoe redevelopment plan, LCRA - St. Louis, MO{existing corner of Cass and Jefferson, looking southeast}
Pruitt-Igoe redevelopment plan, LCRA - St. Louis, MO{the Pruitt-Igoe site today}

From the re-zoning petition (embed below):

Next NGA West - St. Louis, MO{mixed-use development shown at Cass and Jefferson in this image from the City of St. Louis}

Three (3) sections are proposed on the Pruitt-Igoe site with the extension of Thomas St. eastward through the site. The northern section (Lots A, B, C, D & E) are mixed uses, 2-4 stories of office, ground level retail restaurants and hospitality, in support of the NGA site fronting on Cass Ave. The southern section (Lots F, G, H, I & J) is the HealthWorks Village concept, comprising the NSR Urgent Care Hospital (Lot F & G) and nearby medical supporting uses of medical offices, pharmacy, fitness and specialty treatment centers. Land for Ameren to relocate their substation is shown along the southern boundary in line with existing feeder lines. (see Exhibit “C”)

Rezoning the Pruitt-Igoe Site in Regards to National Geospatial Agency Site by

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  • SnakePilssken

    The artists rendering business must be booming in STL

    • John R

      This is just my perception, but I think it is rather amusing but probably revealing that in general you see a lot of black people in Detroit project renderings but they’re pretty hard to find in ones from Saint Louis… the black family going to the new Saint Louis County Juvenile Court was a notable exception.

      The most honest rendering I’ve seen recently is for an office tower in Cleveland behind the left field of Jacobs Field or whatever it is that the Indians play in these days…. it showed a very paltry attendance for the ballgame. Anyway, carry on

  • STLExplorer

    The first rendering looks like Cass Ave in the foreground, but it has one lane of traffic in each direction and a center turn lane. And didn’t we see the rendering with the streetcar in some of Paul McKee’s marketing?

  • rgbose
    • kjohnson04

      This. But why would we want this, in a city? Surely we plunk down suburban street facing garage McMansions instead, complete with cul de sacs.
      Seriously, that plan is what should be built, with or without the NGA.

  • stlcity

    Can we talk about how unrealistic these renderings are? This type of vibrant urban streetscape is many decades away, if it comes at all. Without the few buildings from the St. Louis skyline, this may as well be Portland or Seattle.

    I think this area has great potential and could become an asset to our city in the coming years, but putting up this kind of renderings is just disingenuous.

    • STLEnginerd

      its true. Forget Pruitt Igoe, I’d be happy if they could get this kind of development in downtown west.

      • John R

        We need to demo (and relocate) those huge warehouses on the Downtown West/Pruitt-Igoe border and restore the street grid. By healing the wounds, we do have a decent chance of getting good mixed-use density in that area of Greater Downtown. Will take some time, but we’re in our infancy of turning this ship around.

        • yes, we definitely need to tear down the major employers in the neighborhood, that’s how you turn it around.

          • John R

            I think you tripped my sarcasm detector, but just a couple thoughts:

            — it’s the huge superblocks that are a big problem here…. things like the Imo’s project can be great and fit into a neighborhood scale. Not so with the monster Sun Commerce Park that takes up over 1,200′ from 20th to 23rd. That is as much of an access barrier from downtown to the Near North Side as the Convention Center/Dome and serves as a neighborhood detriment. And to add insult to injury, most of that park is property tax exempt.

            — Another steroid warehouse superblock that cuts off downtown from the north side is the warehouse complex from 14th to 18th. So between 14th to Jefferson you have just two streets — 18th & 20th — that provide a connection between Wash Ave and Cass. That is a huge hurdle for creating a sustainable, mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood on the edge of Greater Downtown that we so desperately need to move our city forward.

            — So moving forward, yes, I’d plan for the eventual breaking up of those superblocks and restore more of the street grid; if some relocation of companies is needed we have plenty of room in more appropriate light industrial/commercial areas of the city,