The UrbanCincy Podcast Episode #56: Stadiums and Cities

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NFL stadium proposal - St. Louis, MO 09/01/2015

From On the 56th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, we are joined by Alex Ihnen of nextSTL to discuss stadiums and their impacts on cities.

[Listen to the UrbanCincy podcast here]

We talk about the new NFL stadium proposed for St. Louis’ north riverfront and whether it could actually help redevelop that struggling part of the city. We also discuss whether this proposal is an example of sports team owners ripping off cities, or whether it could be positive financially for the St. Louis.

Finally we compare the proposal with the experience of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in building the new Reds and Bengals stadiums, as well as the desire to replace or upgrade US Bank Arena.

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  • matimal

    What do “tv markets” matter in the age of global communications? Anyone anywhere can watch any team. “TV markets” are over.

  • Chicagoan

    The amount of surface parking in the above picture is disturbing. Can’t they make it underground, or at least have parking garages?

    • Alex Ihnen

      The stadium architect was just bragging about how much new public green space, restored natural habitat, etc. the revised design includes. “People say it’s all parking,” he said. “It’s not!” <- quote in local news story. The reporter concluded, "The proposed stadium, viewed by some as elitist and wasteful, has become an arena for the people."

      • Chicagoan

        “Arena for the people”…ha!

        I’m from Chicago, so I always use Chicago comparisons, but why can’t they go the Soldier Field route and put the parking underground?

        I really don’t like the design of Soldier Field, because they took a city landmark, gutted it, and landed a spaceship in the middle. It’s an ugly renovation and I look forward to when they re-do it in 25 years. Not enough seats, outdated design.

        But, the one victory of the redesign was that they took almost all of the parking and put it underground. They then built plentiful greenspace over that and from above, it truly does look like a stadium in a park.
        I still hate it, though.

        To call this design an “arena for the people” is a joke, though. The NFL and so much that goes with it is painfully out-of-touch.
        They shouldn’t under any circumstances be given the keys to a city.

        • Nat76

          Two problems with underground parking in STL:
          1-it is very expensive, which is why you don’t see much of it in areas where land prices are cheap. 2-The river and the potential for levy breaches. It’s one thing for the playing surface to flood and then naturally recede some June in the future. Quite different to pump water out of acres of parking below grade