Contemporary Townhomes Planned for STL’s Skinker-DeBaliviere Neighborhood

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Skinker-DeBaliviere townhomes

A developer has filed a $1 million permit to construct four contemporary townhomes at 519-525 Des Peres Avenue.  The site is located at the southwest corner of Washington and Des Peres, near the Delmar MetroLink light rail station and the future Loop Trolley route in the city’s popular Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood.

The Cultural Resources Office has recommended the project be approved, conditioned on some adjustment in building material and color in keeping with the neighborhood’s historic built environment. The Preservation Board will review the project and consider the CRO recommendation at its June 22 meeting. The site is located in the Skinker-DeBaliviere Local Historic District.


DeB2 DeB398938CC4EEEB4C13BBFA214E25D5F754 Each of the Walker Townhomes will be four stories with second floor balconies in front and back and a private, fourth floor roof deck. Proposed materials include brick, glass and cementboard. Two-car garages will face a shared drive at the rear of the property.

If approved, these units will push forward what may be a trend for the historic Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood. In 2012, architect Paul Hohmann of Ebersoldt and Associates designed a contemporary single family home at 6153 Pershing. The contemporary Regional Arts Commission building at 6128 Delmar, which lies two blocks northwest of the site on the edge of the neighborhood, was built in 2003.


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  • Ann

    So, what is the status of this project now?

  • Mike F

    Nice. Not particularly noteworthy, but nice. Having said that, I am really impressed by the developer’s decision to follow the angle of the street by staggering them along the street-face by setback. No doubt it was necessary to fit four units into this lot. There is a row of homes along Virginia, in Dutchtown, which follow the street in this manner.

  • Rick

    Who is the developer?

  • Presbyterian

    Preservation Board has now approved the project.

  • Guest

    Hopefully this project pans out, so that the developer does something similar on the lot across the alley to the south.

  • Thomas R Shrout Jr

    How close is this development to the huge sewer underneath Des Peres? Has MSD signed off?

    • Presbyterian

      I believe the River Des Peres tunnel is directly below the street surface and not beneath the building lots.

      • Thomas R Shrout Jr

        Yup. CMT looked at this several years ago and if I recall correctly, the slope needed for an excavation of the sewer was such that we couldn’t proceed. Maybe things have changed.

  • markgroth

    I like it! A much better use than an empty lot. I wonder if there is any appetite in the neighborhood to reopen Des Peres to connect to Delmar? That place is nearly impossible to navigate if you aren’t familiar with the street closures.

    • rgbose

      I hopeful this helps. There are some loud voices against opening anything. Couldn’t even talk about it during the neighborhood planning process a couple years ago. Wasting time and money with all the extra driving, unsignaled left turns onto Skinker, slower response times from police and fire, and increasing traffic on the remaining open streets doesn’t phase them.

  • RyleyinSTL

    Why would a builder put forth deigns that would require design and material changes by The Cultural Resources Office? Would it not be best to work with them during design? Are the guidelines not clear or nonexistent, or is the CRO just finicky and random?

    On the surface the project looks okay to me. Nice massing and no front drives.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Happens all the time. Seems there’s some give and take in the process. While there are guidelines on materials, massing, etc., they don’t seem to be hard and fast. The CRO suggestions are generally easy to comply with, so it’s designed and people see what they say.