Joe Buck Records Promo for #STLNFL (Video & Transcript)

Joe Buck Records Promo for #STLNFL (Video & Transcript)


Hi, this is Joe Buck. I’m from St. Louis, home of the St. Louis Rams.
And now a new vision for the city and the NFL begins.

Text: A New Vision

St. Louis, it’s the quintessential American city. We treasure our neighborhoods, our history, our traditions, but what makes St. Louis the city it is, is why I’ll always call St. Louis my home, it’s our people.

Our people make St. Louis a great baseball city, a great hockey city, and by every measure a great football city.

Revitalizing downtown is essential to the city of St. Louis, and this is our opportunity. A destination will provide lasting and meaningful jobs, stimulate business, and serve the best sports fans in the nation for generations to come.

Text: A Destination Woven Into the Urban Fabric of St. Louis

With your voice and your support we’ll make our stand with a new downtown NFL stadium on our north riverfront.

Text: 38.5 Acres of New Public Open Space
Text: 8 Acres of Restored Natural Habitat
Text: 1.5 Miles of New Trails Linking to the Heart of the City
Text: Unmatched Access from Home to Game

Let’s grow like other cities in the Midwest. It’s time to take a giant step forward for downtown St. Louis.

Text: A 365-Day-A-Year Entertainment Destination
Text: Designed for a Vibrant Opening Day, Planned to Allow for Future Development

An iconic stadium worthy of sharing the riverfront with the Gateway Arch. This is the future of our city. This is the future of the NFL in St. Louis. This is what we believe. Together we will make it happen.

Text: Together We Will Make It Happen


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