New Saint Louis University Residential Complex to Break Ground Spring 2015

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Saint Louis University student housing project

In recent months, apartment development after apartment development has made news near St. Louis University. Now the school appears set to break ground in spring 2015 on a phased development that will eventually add 1,350 beds to campus, according to a story today in UNews.

Phase I is planned as an entirely new residential complex occupying the vacant lot just east of Beracha Hall at Laclede and Spring Avenues. The residence hall is planned to open for the 2016-2017 academic school year.

The building adjacent to Beracha Hall is planned to reach eight stories and be home to 450 students. The Griesedieck expansion (pictured above – image via The University News) would count 450, or a total of 900 beds.

The university announced earlier this month that it was committed to an extensive student housing project. This is the first rending to appear and shows the planned addition to Griesedieck Hall. This expansion is planned to open for the 2017-2018, and followed by a full renovation of the rest of the Griesedieck complex.

The school has plans beyond the two announced phases, including renovation of both Reinert and Fusz, and new buildings alongside a renovated Grand Forest complex. Brailsford & Dunleavy of Washington D.C. has produced the student housing master plan, alongside St. Louis-based KWK Architects. McCarthy is handling preconstruction and construction work.

According to the university, just more than 40 percent of the school’s 8,800 undergraduates live on campus. It’s expected that will rise to more than 50 percent following the first phases of the project.

Saint Louis University student housing project{residential hall projects include the vacant lot next to Beracha Hall (left) and a major addition to Griesedieck Hall (right)}

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  • Presbyterian

    Dorm at Spring and Laclede moving forward. Here’s the conceptual… but the architect for the ‘actual’ building is different.

  • Imran

    Pleasantly surprised. Seems to work very well with what is there now. From this angle atleast.

  • tpekren

    Alex, do you mean “just south of Beracha Hall”. Been a few years since I resided in St. Louis but believe that is the correct direction

    • Justin

      East is correct based on the map in the article. South of Beracha would be on the other side of Laclede ave and that is where the the university heights loft apartments are currently. Probably no room to build on the south side of laclede.

  • Justin

    As a current graduate student at SLU, I think this will be a big improvement over the current parking lot and green space.

    It would have been nice if they had made these changes while I was undergraduate there.

  • Presbyterian

    The rendering looks good. Now if we can just convince them to lop the faux top off of Gries…

    • Mike F

      ‘Tis a peculiar shade of green, that’s certain.

    • moe

      The copper roof was placed on top so that it would connect with the Medical School campus to the south.