New Botanical Heights Single Family Home Nearly Complete (4150 Blaine)

New Botanical Heights Single Family Home Nearly Complete (4150 Blaine)

A new single family home located at 4150 Blaine in the Botanical Heights neighborhood is nearing completion. The home is part of Phase Two of UIC‘s popular Botanical Grove development. That development has propelled an unlikely area for reinvestment–old McRee Town–into a status as one of the city’s redevelopment hot spots. Having rehabbed around 26 housing units on the once scraggly and depleted 4200 block of McRee alone, UIC has reported that just three of those remain unsold.

Phase Two of the Botanical Grove development shifts the activity northward and eastward, to the 4100 blocks of McRee and Blaine. The 4100 block of McRee will be mostly comprised of rentals with green features. The 4100 block of Blaine will be mostly for sale housing, including new models such as the flounder and “flounder-plus” models.

The first flounder-plus home on the 4100 block of Blaine is nearing completion. Below is a recent shot of 4150 Blaine:


When completed, the row of single family homes proposed for the 4100 block of Blaine should look similar to the rendering below. The houses with the angular roof are the flounder model, a contemporary take on the historic housing style somewhat unique to St. Louis. For more information on the flounder house UIC model and the historic flounder-style housing stock of St. Louis, please see the earlier nextSTL article on the topic (though note that the designs for the 41xx Blaine flounders has changed since then).


Click here for a map of the area.


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