Rosati-Kain High School Begins 12,000sf, $4.5M CWE Expansion

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Rosati-Kain High School expansion project - St. Louis, MO

Work to expand Rosati-Kain High School in the city’s Central West End neighborhood is now underway. Founded in 1911, the main school building dates from 1921. The 12,000 foot addition by M+H Architects will replace the 1960s convent residences at 216 North Newstead Avenue. The school is adjacent to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

Asbestos abatement in the residential building began early this month and demolition is expected to be completed in June, taking just a week once started. New construction is scheduled to begin in July.

The three-story addition will double current chemistry lab space, add a commons area for collaborative projects and events, and enclose a courtyard for outdoor functions. The addition will also allow for extensive renovations in the existing building and reshuffling of office space.

Rosati-Kain High School expansion project - St. Louis, MO{the 1960s residential building will make way for the expansion}

Current enrollment at the private Catholic high school for girls is 360, with a target of 400 students. The expansion project and renovation is not designed to increase the size of the student body.

To-date, nearly $3M has reportedly been raised toward the project’s $4.5M cost. A loan from the Archdiocese is helping to ensure the project will be completed by the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

M+H Architects has worked with Rosati-Kain previously to install energy-efficient windows, replace existing systems, and development a master plan for the campus. The expansion is being designed to accommodate future expansion to both the north and the east.

Rosati-Kain High School expansion project - St. Louis, MO{a new courtyard space will be defined by the addition}

In January of last year, it was announced that the city’s oldest Catholic school for girls, St. Elizabeth’s Academy in the Tower Grove East neighborhood would close. That school was founded in 1882, but enrollment had declined to just 133 in its last year.

While many private schools have moved west, and parochial schools have closed, Rosati-Kain, and St. Louis University High School for boys have remained in the city. Over decades, SLU High has greatly expanded its campus near Kingshighway and Interstate 64 to  include multiple athletic fields, parking, and other facilities.

Rosati-Kain High School expansion project - St. Louis, MO{the project will add academic space to the school – chemistry classroom shown here}

Rosati-Kain expansion project - St. Louis, MO{project site plan}

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  • Kitty

    I know I’m a couple years late to the game here, but other private high schools in the City not mentioned here include Bishop DuBourg, St. Mary’s, and Cardinal Ritter Prep.

  • onecity

    A pay-to-play school gets an expensive makeover? Well, color me impressed!

  • Framer

    Yep; great project all around.


    Man, my street and my neighborhood are just becoming a construction zone. This along with Covington’s 14 story high end apartments, the Opus’ Development at EUCLID/LINDELL (whenever it starts) ; Whole Foods / Apartments Construction at EUCLID/ West Pine; CORTEX, BJC Childrens, STL School if Pharmacy…..

  • mc

    This is great news for the CWE and for the City. Good schools like Rosati-Kain do wonders for both students and the city environment alike. Hopefully enrollment increases there and let’s hope that more and more families move in to the CWE as time goes along. Things are looking good so far this year for the CWE.

    • John R

      As you probably know, R-K draws from a wide area; we have a lot of TGSers going to the school. And its great to see the middle school construction at Saint Margaret’s in Shaw.

      • Don


        Think Global Students?
        Think Global School?
        Trans-Global Students?
        Trans Gender Students?
        Terrific Good Students?
        Terrific Girl Students?
        Terrible Girl Students?

        I’m sorry but i haven’t the faintest idea what constitutes a TGSer and I feel like I must be the only one since 4 people have approved your message.

        Tower Grove South?

        I know I’m going to be embarrassed when someone tells me.

  • DanieljSTL

    Not that I plan on attending, nor is my daughter old enough for preschool, but all of this development in the CWE is making me second guess my move to the South Hampton area… Hope it keeps up and spreads out for a long while.

  • Don

    Great to see the Archdiocese investing in the City and not moving this school to the county.

    I’ve walked past this school on Newstead hundreds of times and never appreciated just how much real estate the convent consumed until seeing the aerial.

  • Presbyterian

    So much construction in the CWE underway or proposed. Glad to see the school’s supporters investing in its future.

  • m

    More great news for the CWE! A quality expansion.