East West Gateway’s MoDOT Sales Tax Candidate Project List

MoDOT's BillionsBelow are the three projects lists compiled by East West Gateway for MoDOT projects to be funded if the sales tax increase ballot measure passes in August. Put on the ballot by the state legislature, the measure has been placed on the August ballot by Governor Jay Nixon. What this means for the proponents and opponents isn’t clear, but the shortened timeline (it was assumed to be headed for a November vote), means both sides are scrambling.

The following lists, high, medium, and low priority projects is the starting point for this discussion. While the project list is certainly in flux, it may be assumed that little to nothing on the low priority list will be built. Perhaps much of the medium priority list will fail to be completed, and there’s no guarantee that high priority projects will all take place.

Judging by the high priority project list, the most expensive transit priority is a $47M Bus Rapid Transit line on West Florissant and Natural Bridge Avenues to downtown across North City. High priority transit projects total $152.4M. High priority highway projects total $1.634B.

So do voters endorse this list and pass the tax increase, work to re-prioritize the list, or work to defeat the measure? For the record, here is what MoDOT heard from residents of the St. Louis District from their own On The Move survey:

MoDOT On The Move snapshot

MoDOT Sales Tax High Priority Project List – May 2014 by nextSTL.com

MoDOT Sales Tax Medium Priority Project List – May 2014 by nextSTL.com

MoDOT Sales Tax Low Priority Project List – May 2014 by nextSTL.com