Entrepreneurial Promo Video Highlights Real Change in St. Louis

Entrepreneurial Promo Video Highlights Real Change in St. Louis

“If somebody’s goal is to change the world, the best place to start is to work with people who actually want to change the world.” Gabe Lozano, Co-Founder and CEO of LockerDome.

Civic promotion videos are often short on specifics or real world everyday experiences. One expects a happy family at the zoo, great weather, maybe fall leaves and a tagline like, “St. Lou is all within reach.” Locals sometimes cringe, but such spots aren’t aimed at locals anyway. Then there are the often independent city videos – think Here is St. Louis (parts I & II). Then sometimes something better comes along.

The video here, featuring the St. Louis entrepreneurial scene may carry its own hyperbole and feed us basically what we would expect to see – young professionals wearing backpacks, lots of Apple laptops,etc., but it’s about something. This video is about people changing St. Louis, starting companies, employing people.

Take it for what it’s worth, but you’re not being asked to believe that your visit to St. Louis will have fall leaves, full cafes, and smiling families. All you have to know is that the following people are changing St. Louis, and hopefully changing the world:

Robin Rath – Pixel Press
Jim McKelvey – Square, Third Degree Glass, etc.
Dheeraj Patri – FoodEssentials via Arch Grants
Yomi Toba – Pushup Social
David Seward – World Wide Technology
Gabe Lozano – LockerDome
Dana Marshall – BacterioScan
Tim Hayden – SLU Center for Entrepreneurship

“There is talent in St. Louis. We have great universities around Missouri and Southern Illinois. They can come, work for a great start-up out of St. Louis and make their fame and fortune here.” Dheeraj Patri, Co-Founder and CEO of FoodEssentials.


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