• PhilS

    On a less snarky note, I really like that these TOD assessments are being done. And they look well done as well. Comprehensive. Are there any points missing from something like this that really should be mentioned?
    Are these really for the City’s development board? How does StL Dev Corp intend to use these?
    I noticed on the Debalivere one that it says Milestone Report #4. How many more of these were done, is the Laclede’s Landing report a part of the sequence? I didn’t see a Milestone Report number.
    What constitutes the “milestone”? I’m assuming the 2013 20th anniversary of the 1993 opening of the first line. Or the 10th anniversary of the cross county addition?

  • PhilS

    Section A.2 Station Area Plan Alternatives – Transit Sheds

    quote “1/4 and 1/2 mile transit sheds have been modified based on accessibility and concentration of likely transit users.”

    I like how they list in the “limiting boundaries” I-70 first. Even though the River is more of permanent obstacle maybe the I-70 prominence will make someone with influence more psychically aware of the craziness of letting it continue to knife our city in the face.

    If I had any skills at math or urban planning I might take this assessment of Laclede Landings TOD and add what value there would be without the detrimental impact of I-70.

    Sometimes saying “you’re just throwin’ away money, boys!” has a way of making some people pay attention.

    Anyway to focus attention on the sound benefits of removing the highway.

    Of course, if the highway hadn’t been there when the original metrolink line was built I guess they could have put a single station at Broadway for the Convention Center and Landing. “You just threw away money, boys.”

    Check out all of that surface parking though! I can’t imagine why the vacancies are so high – doesn’t everyone want parking? I know, maybe they really want a garage! Tear down more buildings! Or, maybe it’s an access issue? Increase the width of the depressed lanes! It’s too crowded between 8:32 and 8:47 AM every work day!