Global Foods Market Coming to Washington University Project in the Delmar Loop

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nextSTL has learned that grocer Global Foods Market will be the largest single retail tenant in the $80M Washington University mixed-use development in The Loop, occupying 15,000 square feet. The grocer currently has one location in Kirkwood. That location is nearly 25,000 total square feet. The Loop site at Eastgate and Delmar will feature a total of appoximately 22,000 square feet of retail space. For reference, Culinaria in downtown St. Louis has a main floor of 21,000 square feet. the current Trader Joe's at the Brentwood Promenade is 10,000 square feet. The lease is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks and Global Foods Market hopes to open by Summer 2014.

A full-service grocer has long topped the list of wished by Loop residents and visitors. Mock-ups of grocery stores have been featured in Loop planning documents over the past several years and a variety of developers have approached grocers from Trader Joe's to Schnucks about openning a store. Although the Culinaria concept has proven successful downtown, Schnuck's has a location nearby on Olive and may have worried about cannibalizing sales, Dierberg's doesn't yet have an urban concept store, Trader Joe's is expanding their Brentwood location and Whole Foods is opening a Central West End store.

Washington University purportedly sought a local grocer, prioritizing the signing of an established St. Louis business over a national chain such as Trader Joe's. A grocer with a focus on international foods was also a priority. According to the university website, 1,500 students from other countries are currently studying at WU. In addition, nearly 40 percent are listed as multicultural or international students.

The university isn't stopping with the Loop new construction project. WU has previously announced plans to invest $20M in the coming years to renovate 25 smaller historic apartment buildings it owns in the Parkview Gardens neighborhood just north of Delmar. Adding to the development boom is the $44M Loop Trolley project that plans to break ground this year. A effort dubbed The Loop Media Hub seeks to bring gigabit Internet access along the streetcar route. Installation would coincide with contruction of the 2.2-mile line.

{the project area (blue) spans University City and the City of St. Louis (red line)}

{project site plan – project (blue) spans University City and the City of St. Louis (red line)}

{model of WU Loop infill project}

From the Global Foods Market website:

When Suchin Prapaisilp arrived in St. Louis in 1970 from Thailand, he noticed there was not a way for recent immigrants like himself to enjoy the food that they enjoyed back in their homelands. With $2,800 dollars saved up from working three jobs, he opened one of the first international grocery stores in St. Louis on South Grand Avenue. In a small storefront with one light bulb, Suchin and his brother expanded their store slowly, making trips to Chicago every weekend to purchase goods to sell at his store. As word spread about the new store where one could buy noodles from Korea, yams from Africa, and rice from Thailand, Americans of all backgrounds knew where they could find comfort food from home as well as new and unique international foods to try for the first time. Seeing the need to expand to cater to an ever-growing immigrant population and interest in international foods, Suchin opened Global Foods Market in 1999 at its present location in Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis.

For the record, Washington University made it official official today (7/18/13): Washington University brings Global Foods and the Peacock Loop Diner to The Lofts of Washington University​​

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  • fulltimemonti

    So University City will finally be able to live up to its name?

  • K

    I wonder how parking will be…. for elderly, disabled or other people that aren’t within walking distance

  • Anne on Lindell

    I used to shop at Global Foods in Kirkwood when I visited from the East Coast. Thrilled to learn there will be one close to where I now live.

  • STLExplorer

    This is incredible. Global is my favorite international grocery in St. Louis. My main items purchased there are frozen Naan pizzas and Bitburger. Can’t wait to have a location in the city!

  • RyleyinSTL

    Capital! No longer will I need to drive all the way out to Kirkwood to visit Global.

    • fulltimemonti

      And, ti will just make the loop that much more awesome and worth visiting. My favorite store is Good Works furniture. We bought our bedroom set there and love it.

  • Cheryl Adelstein, WUSTL

    Glad to see your interest in the new Wash U development. We are excited as
    well. We are actively negotiating with several potential tenants, including the owners of Global Foods, however no leases have been signed.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Thanks Cheryl. Yes, we understand that the lease hasn’t been signed and made sure to include that in the piece above. We also believe that Global Foods will be the tenant. Just call us bullish on your negotiations.

  • DowntownJohn

    this is great news. Global Foods in one of my favorite food stores. For those of you who have never visited the Kirkwood location, it is a full-line supermarket, complete with a deli and staple items; but it’s main feature is food products from around the world organized geographically by aisle. Best of all: it’s much more moderately priced than the big chain stores. A perfect fit for U City.

  • Simon Nogin

    I love Global Foods! Great that they are finally opening a second location, and in such a nice area too.

  • Presbyterian

    This is great. I’ve never been to Global. Is their product line exclusively international (like Jay’s International), or do they also carry the generic American grocery basics (bread, milk, 2 liter bottles of Coke, paper towels, ketchup and whatnot)? If the latter, then the Loop will become a truly car-optional neighborhood.

    • Simon Nogin

      The Kirkwood location mostly sticks to providing just international foods. You’ll find bread, but types that you won’t find in your average American grocer. I don’t remember if they have 2 liter bottles of Coke, but the have 2 liter bottles of foreign sodas!
      I’m assuming that this new Loop location will provide the common necessities like paper towels, coke, american bread, in addition to their supply of international foods. I’m very excited for this development!

      • JoJo

        Actually, we have an entire aisle dedicated to some of our loved, domestic goods.

        Bread, yes… from Bosnian to Black Bear.
        Milk, oh yes.
        2 liter bottles of Coke, yep.
        Paper towels, yep.
        Ketchup, yep.
        Whatnot, sure.

        Hope that helps!

        • Presbyterian

          I look forward to shopping there!

  • ben

    this is awesome

  • chaifetz10

    “The university is stopping with the Loop new construction project.” Is this a simple typo or am I missing something? Please tell me they’re not done investing in the loop once this project is done.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Typo. Thanks.

  • Mark Groth

    Fantastic news1

  • T-Leb

    I’ve been to Global Food Market, lots of interesting stuff!