Video: 2013 CityArchRiver Report to the Community

Whatever your take on the CityArchRiver process, plan and politics, it's important to keep up with the project. Watching the presentation highlights well the complexity and overlapping jurisdictions involved with the project, as well as its shear magnitude. In fact, the juggling of this myriad of interests is likely the most powerful CAR accomplishment. It's not over, everyone's weighing in on the height of the berm where the new museum entrance is planned, for just one example. Earlier this month the project's Design Review Team and representatives from the National Trust went another round in examining every aspect of the berm in exceptional detail. That scrutiny is befitting a national memorial, but has served to thwart proposals that possessed less momentum in the past. So grab a beer (maybe two or three – it's a long video) and some popcorn and get up to date on the project that will shape our city's image for decades to come.


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