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  • branwell1

    The old triple zone of a white south side and a black north side with a gray middle has been outmoded for at least 25 years. Parts of south St. Louis are blacker than most anything in the central corridor and parts of the CWE look more like Clayton now than the racially mixed areas they were in the 1970s. Some prognostications seem to expand the central corridor territory to include neighborhoods like Shaw, which has historically been reckoned as south side; perhaps precisely because of its established diversity, it “qualifies” as central corridor.

  • DannyJ

    I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t see the central corridor as being the harbinger of citywide political victory as much as the P-D makes it out to be.

    • Chippewa

      Agree. Voter turnout (or lack thereof) seems to have decided this race.

  • DannyJ

    The Post-Dispatch made it seem as if Slay won because he won the central corridor. Based on the voter turnout of each ward and Slay’s margin of victory in his wards vs. Reed’s margin of victory in his wards, these graphics make it seem more like Slay won because SW city had strong turnout with strong margins of victory for Slay while the northside had generally lower voter turnout without overwhelming victories for Reed- or at least not as overwhelming as they were in last August’s primary victory for Clay. Outside of the 6th ward, the central corridor didn’t have very high turnout, and Slay only won by a few points there.