Chelsea vs. Manchester City – May 23, Busch Stadium

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The English Premier League is coming to Busch Stadium for a May exhibition match. The Post-Dispatch has a nice write-up on the history of professional and American soccer in St. Louis. Matches were long played in the old Busch Stadium as it was built to accomodate baseball and football and so could rather easily squeeze in a soccer field. The Busch stadium field will be just short of regulation size, but close enough for a non-league match. Tickets go on sale April 2 at 10am.

Manchester City won its first Premier League title in 34 years this past season. Chelsea finished 6th in the 20-team league. This season Manchester City and Chelsea are second and third, respectively, behind Manchester United. While there may be no connection, one can imagine substantial fan support could bode well for the city gaining an MLS team in the future. Soccer at Union Station, anyone?


Highlights from Manchester City's 2-0 win over Chelsea this past month:

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  • matthb

    Well, if this is any indication…

    I logged in to buy tickets at 10:10, was in the virtual waiting room until 10:50, and when I got in I could not get two tickets together anywhere in the stadium.

    Either the scalpers have there bots on overdrive, or there is indeed pent up demand for professional soccer in St. Louis.

  • Simon Nogin

    Buying tickets in 9 hours! Not a huge fan of Soccer, but this would be fun nonetheless

  • Chaifetz10

    Love it! Events like this are what the city needs to draw attention downtown. I really don’t care if it’s this soccer match, a new bowl game at Busch, or even a large outdoor concert, this really is a good sign that the Cardinals are thinking about Busch being more than just a summer baseball stadium.
    Plus, it wouldn’t hurt that a potential MLS team could play at Busch for a few years (or permanently?) if need be.