NorthSide Regeneration’s First Retail Development to be Dollar General at Grand Avenue & Cass

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NorthSide Cass_Kingshighway development

After nearly a decade of land purchases and years of speculation and false starts, the massive NorthSide Regeneration project is set to break ground on its first retail development. A Dollar General retail location is planned for the northeast corner of North Grand and Cass Avenue. All four corners of the intersection are vacant. A $1.4M building permit has been requested for 1500 North Grand with an additional $45,000 permit for additional parking on an adjacent lot along Cass. No site plan has yet been made available.

While many of the more than 2,000 lots comprising NorthSide are scattered across 1,500 acres of the city, the effort has aggregated lots at several high profile locations. The intersection of Grand and Cass was one. NorthSide owns the southeast corner, the city's Land Reutilization Authority (LRA), the northwest corner and a private owner the southwest. Dollar General reached 10,000 stores nationwide in 2012, including 379 in Missouri.

Developer Paul McKee's NorthSide has received nearly $40M from the Distressed Areas Land Assemblage tax credit program (DALACT), which was purposely written for NorthSide. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has recently detailed, NorthSide has ramped up lobbying efforts, signing a small army to push for extending and expanding DALACT and arming them with a series of white papers supporting NorthSide. The only accomplishment to-date has been the assembly of small city lots. Critics of the plan cite the lack of construction and failure to fulfill promises, such as renovating the historic Clemens Mansion.

NorthSide Cass_Kingshighway map
{NorthSide property on northeast corner of Grand and Cass in red, 1500 N. Grand in orange}

{NorthSide, outlined in red, has marketed the numbered properties for commercial development – the planned Dollar General is 25}

NorthSide Retail Marketing Map by nextSTL

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  • morrow

    Another NAFTA store and they call that breaking ground, a metal garage on a slab and $7.00 hour workers with attitudes.

  • Kimberly Moore

    The property where the infamous Pruitt-Igoe Housing Projects once stood is now part of this Northside Regeneration Project; where the chemical, zinc cadmium sulfide was sprayed on unsuspecting, poor, black people years ago. And as a result, many of these former residents have contracted various forms of cancers, tumors and lung diseases. I do hope Mr. McKee has plans for a massive cleanup. There is a school remaining. I wonder how this leftover toxic waste is affecting the students and teachers.

  • Why does St. Louis have a “Land Reutilization Authority”? Put the land in the hands of private owners and let them maximize its value. No ‘grand project’ is going to achieve any more than self-interested owners. Exempt tax for some period of time to get the ball rolling and let them build the long-term tax base.

    • Alex Ihnen

      The vast majority of land the LRA (city) owns is abandoned. A private owner stopped paying property taxes (often of just $200 or so a year), the property went to public auction and no one bought it. The LRA is the answer to what a city does with abandoned property. Chicago is creating one this year. Cincinnati started one last year.

      • guest

        So what you’re saying, Alex, is that STL is ahead of the pack ūüôā

  • Chippewa


  • Andrew Atkinson

    Inb4 it’s all art galleries and hip bars.

  • George Washington

    They needed tax money to build a freaking dollar general?!? I’m pretty sure it would have already been built by now, without waiting on Mckee to buy up half the city. The cronyism in this city is unbelievable. ST. LOUIS REVOLT!!

    • Plus the site is one block away from Family Dollar. Let’s just hope that Dollar General has bike parking and a green roof.

      • John R

        Yeah, I wonder how they feel about this grand transformation. And there’s a strip mall with Walgreen’s, Shop n Save and other basic retailers just a block down Grand. It isn’t like this area is unserved by retailers and a Dollar General would be anything special for the neighborhood.

        • Perhaps next CVS will jump into the fray.

        • dempster holland

          I agree. One dollar store should be enough for those
          people. Its not like this is the gallaria, for crip’s sake

  • danklering

    When is the Dollar General going to have ground-breaking?

    • Kyle_AS

      Dollar General doesn’t break ground. They pour a slab of concrete and erect some cinder blocks

  • pat

    Gosh. So transformative