• benya

    perfect spot for an MLS stadium ala PGE Park in Portland

    • Hasan

      The Zoo bought this property for their use and I doubt an MLS stadium will be complimentary to their core business. Also, there are many other locations that would work better for an MLS stadium.

      • benya31

        the post is titled ‘what should be’.

        while there might be a couple other equally good locations i can’t help but think this would be an ideal spot. easy access along 40, great visibility too, decent public transport, central location, neighborhood pubs within walking distance, etc.

        ps while the zoo might have been the ones to buy the land, a soccer stadium fits in better with the mission of forest park than office space or residential. (although i think those would make for great components of a soccer complex)

        • john w.

          The event-related and very intense automobile traffic would not be very welcomed by this residential neighborhood (C-T), nor is there anywhere near the available area on site to support at least 10k to 15k parking spaces (MLS, not SLU). Attendees would be forced to park deep within the residential streets of Dogtown, and I can promise you that homeowners would not be pleased about that. Hasan’s point about the purpose of this acquisition- across the I-64 trench- is spot on. It is of course within this mindset that ideas should be generated for the repurpose of this site, and the April call for ideas made this reasonably clear.

          I love the idea of an MLS stadium on one of the hottest soccer spots in America- St. Louis- but a joint venue with SLU may make much more sense, especially since they have so much urban land that seems to become more and more suburban with each passing year.

          • john w.

            10K to 15K event attendees, that is, requiring in a parking capacity of at least 1/3 of that, which would still result in spillover parking into the residential streets.The residents of Dogtown know of and honor the longstanding tradition of the St. Paddy’s Day parade, but this event is coordinated with the neighborhood and its cooperation because of the special tradition that is the parade. I do not know of the number of regular season MLS games (1/2 played at home), but you could expect a higher attendance and certainly more regularity than once a year.

          • benya31

            i mean in st louis i guess you can never have enough parking. is it insane to ask people to walk more than a block to park their car? All of Forest Park has street parking. The old hospital has a parking garage. There’s parking garages for FoPo CC down the street, not to mention Science Center. If parking is the excuse then thats kinda pathetic.

            All I wanted to point out, is that this site would be perfect for an MLS stadium. I know its not realistic. I know it’s not going to happen. But. You have a somewhat intact Irish neighborhood that is walkable and authentic. You have pubs. You have central location. You have high visibility. You have public transit already in the area. You have a lot of things going for it. An MLS stadium would be roughly the same size as the existing hospital. It makes sense. My $.02.

        • Alex Ihnen

          Sure, I’d love to see an MLS stadium here, but this What Should Be is within the context of who (will soon) owns the land. When it was initially posted, this piece lacked a link to relevant background information – hopefully that helps.

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