East-West Gateway Releases “Where We Stand: The Strategic Assessment of the St. Louis Region”

East-West Gateway Council of Governments has released its latest "Where We Stand" report. The report, the Council's sixth since 1992 is the standard for assessing the St. Louis region as it relates to other "peer" cities and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). EWG was incorporated in 1965 with the mission to provide a forum for cooperative problem-solving and the coordinated development of regional policy. This document, and much of EWG's other work is absolutely essential for the region to gain a greater base of knowledge regarding who we are and what we can become.

So what stands out in this edition of "Where We Stand"? Is it that St. Louis has a higher percentage of adults with advanced degrees than Portland, Pittsburgh and San Antonio? Is it that St. Louis ranks only behind Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco in percentage of children younger than five enrolled in preschool? What stands out to you and what, individually and collectively, do the snapshots in this report say about the region? Where We Stand: the Strategic Assessment of the St. Louis Region