Is NorthSide Close to Landing Major Partners? Topos Features NorthSide Regeneration Project

NorthSide by ToposThe International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Topos, takes a quick survey of the NorthSide Regeneration project. It provides a view of the project from a different perspective than what we have seen locally. From a strictly planning perspective, it’s apparent that NorthSide and Civitas have done their homework.

The NorthSide Regneration area isn’t a clean slate by any means, but it does offer the opportunity to rethink things in a new way. Bringing true high-speed Internet and a smart electric grid to the area help drive business growth and point toward a sustainable future. The article was published at the end of last year, and so the new news may no longer be new, but it’s worth repeating here, “On the private side, a large retailer has committed to becoming the first food centre in the neighborhood and a leading manufacturer of green batteries is negotiating for a site.”

Plans to uncouple the existing sewer system, some of which the article states, is still using wooden pipes, from existing infrastructure is simply necessary before any significant development occurs. Other ideas represent new thinking about urban renewal.

It’s well worth the short read to find what may be a few more newsworthy items. Looking through the lens of a landscape architect, the article focuses on the firm Civitas and the process pursued to arrive at “seven key principles to form an integrated, balanced approach to the sustainable regeneration of NorthSide that will span decades”:

  • Green Framework: integrate green space throughout and provide accessible, pleasant public spaces, as well as on-site water filtration and flood mitigation.
  • Education: provide a variety of public and private education opportunities for all ages by rehabilitating existing schools and building new job training centers.
  • Economic Development: preserve current jobs and create new ones while facilitating social equity and supporting growth opportunities for key industry sectors and employee capabilities.
  • Transit Network: design a safe transportation system that encourages walking, biking and mass transit and connects residential, commercial and retail areas.
  • Clean Energy: provide a clean, reliable energy network through upgraded infrastructure, distributed power generation and on-site renewables.
  • Healthy Community: foster a safe, healthy and integrated community that embodies the aspirations of both current and future residents.
  • Collaborative Leadership: regenerate community through innovative collaborations, partnerships and other inclusive strategies for governance, management, job training and employment in the activities of leading and serving the community.

NorthSide by Topos
{envisioning a renovated Clemens Mansion}

NorthSide by Topos
{a green framework and reconnected streets envisioned for NorthSide}

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