Ten Predictions for St. Louis in the New Year

It's time to offer up our best guesses as to what's in store for St. Louis in 2011. Surely something big will be proposed, something else will be torn down, something no one sees coming will get us excited for our city and something else will make us feel that we're stuck in the past. Such is life in the city.

The ten urbanSTL predictions are below. Go to the urbanSTL Forum to read other predictions and offer your own.

  • A new residential high-rise will be proposed for downtown.
  • Ballpark Village will begin construction.
  • There will be no news on Chouteau's Pond and Greenway.
  • The Arch grounds plan will continue to see significant revisions.
  • A major component of the NorthSide plan will begin construction.
  • The Peabody Opera House will reopen to rave reviews.
  • Construction of the Loop Trolley will be fully funded.
  • Metro will announce first Bus Rapid Transit routes.
  • A major hotel will announce plans to build at the east end of Forest Park.
  • Flights start and the China Hub becomes reality.
  • {bonus} You'll learn what's "next" for urbanSTL.com!