Inventing LEED for Pets: Gimme Shelter Seeks Sustainable Pet Shelters for a Cause

{new and green or 100% recycled – what's your image of a sustainable pet shelter?}

Does your dog pass on People and chew on copies of Dwell? Will your cat snub all but handmade, organic hemp toy mice? Then your pet may dig Gimme Shelter. SPACE Architecture + Design and Herb'n Maid are joining forces and sponsoring an "architect's eco challenge" to design sustainable pet shelters.

The challenge is to design and fabricate a functional dog house or cat condo using sustainable materials and practices. Contestants must use at least 65% used, salvaged or reclaimed materials and cannot spend more than $250. No word on whether LEED for pet shelters will be a determining factor in the judging. Is an 10 square foot dog house far from your home using recycled materials really greaner than a 6 square foot model next to your back door? Should a mini geothermal well and cooling fins (ala SPACE) be integrated into the design? Is eventual site location a factor? Will your dog pee on a green roof? OK, none of that is what this is about.

The challenge is a fundraiser for the Animal House Fund, the pet adoption center serving the City of St. Louis. A winning design will be voted by attendees and all shelters will be auctioned with proceeds benefiting the shelter. If you're an architect with a few extra hours on your hands or if you can imagine that load of recyclables sitting in your garage waiting for the magical blue dumpster to appear in your alley turning into something a cat or dog would crave, give it a shot!

The Assembled shelter must weigh no more than 100 pounds, fit through standard 3-foot door and be able to be transported in 8-foot full size truck bed. Toxic materials must be avoided. No electrical components maybe used, etc. Entries must be received by December 20, entry manifesto's by January 14 and shelters must be delivered to SPACE by January 19 (they can assist with transportation). The event itself is January 20 at SPACE Architecture + Design at 4168 Manchester in The Grove.

Want to know more? The following contacts have all the answers:

Participants should direct questions about forms, guidelines and rules to Seth Teel at [email protected]
Participants should submit entry forms and manifestos to the GIMME SHELTER planning committee at [email protected]
Participants should contact Heather Voyles at [email protected] or 314-647-2020 to arrange for delivery of entry to SPACE Architecture + Design.
Parties interested in donating in-kind services to Animal House Fund should contact Seth Teel, a [email protected]
Sponsorship, media and general inquiries should be directed to P.Richelle White at 314-371-1071 or [email protected]