St. Louis Mid-Century Modern Architecture Gets an Online Home

{a Mid-Century Modern home consumed by a McMansion (via B.E.L.T.)}

The effort to save the San Luis ultimately could not prevent a parking lot from taking up residence on a prominent corner of the city's Central West End neighborhood. But the energy and passion that went into the effort has brought together those who love our city's modern architecture heritage. As could be said of several eras of architecture, St. Louis has destroyed much, but much remains to appreciate.

Now Mid-Century Modern Architecture has a new online home thank to a group of dedicated individuals. Both Cincinnati and Indianapolis have had modern architecture blogs for some time so it's likely past time that St. Louis have a dedicated site. Several individuals have covered Mid-Century Modern architecture in St. Louis, yet collaborations like this fail more often than not. Getting the effort off the ground and online is a big accomplishment and I look forward to watching the effort develop.

For now, I'll enjoy the "For Sale" page because the best way to preserve modern architecture is to find an owner dedicated to preservation. Hopefully this effort can continue to build awareness of our incredible Mid-Century Modern buildings and maybe just save a few like this one (from B.E.L.T.):