MODOT Continues to Innovate, Introduces “Diverging Diamond”

MoDOT may not be seen by some at an innovative organization, but slowly over the past several years, it has begun to introduce some best practices from across the country. There are the roundabouts and the New I-64 – a highway that I must admit was done well. As the trees and other plantings take off it will be one of the more attractive urban Interstates I've seen (yes, I know that's a low bar). They've also considered a "Michigan Left" interchange and will soon introduce a "diverging diamond". They may not always live up to the name of a "department of TRANSPORTATION" and not just highways, and the hope to build an 8-lane double-divided I-70 across the state is a bad one, but it's good to see real traffic and road planning happening.

The "jug handle" intersection
MoDOT on roundabouts
A "Michigan left" intersection