Keeping Tabs on Real Estate: the Post-Dispatch Should Follow the Times-Picayune

[real estate transfers in the Times-Picayune]

If you're trying to keep track of, or are simply interested in, real estate in St. Louis, what's the quickest, simplest way to keep up on development? I glance at Zillow every now and then. I receive an email from a realtor I know every time a listing appears or changes in my neighborhood. You can check the City Assessor's website for a particular address. But like most, I suspect, I look at the recent home sales listing in the St. Louis Suburban Journal.

The problem is that little information is offered; simply a sales price and address. On a recent trip to New Orleans I picked up a Time-Picayune and found a much better way to keep the public informed. Listed under "real estate transfers" is the sales price, the name of the seller and the name of the buyer. The page even has several photos of homes sold. This is a great way to keep appraised of what's happening in the city. I can't help but think that Michael Allen's job of uncovering Blairmont would have been just a bit easier if the Post-Dispatch did as the Time-Picayune does.

[front page of real estate transfers in the Times-Picayune]

[recent home sales as they appear online in the Post-Dispatch Suburban Journal]

[real estate transfers as they appear online in the Times-Picayune]