St. Louis Zoo Connects Parking, South Entrance with New Pedestrian Bridge

{the new pedestrian bridge – St. Louis Zoo south entrance}

The south entrance to the St. Louis Zoo has long been one of the most regularly congested areas of Forest Park. Thousands of zoo visitors crossed Wells Drive from the south parking lot, while car traffic from Hampton, Tamm and the southwest corner of the park added to the jumble. Put in a few bicycles trying to avoid the speed bumps and pedestrians and cars and it was often crowded.

Today there's a solution to much of this as a new pedestrian bridge spanning Wells Drive now connects the south parking lot to the south entrance. Along with the Hampton Avenue roundabout and pedestrian past tunnel underneath Hampton, this section of the park is a drastically different place than just two years ago.

Cars entering the park no longer face a stop light or need to wait for bicycles, strollers or joggers. Those using the pedestrian path no longer have to dodge traffic (click here to read the urbanSTL tunnel post). And now, as cars enter the park onto to Wells Drive they no longer need to worry about a busy pedestrian crossing. The new bridge appears to be a win-win as it is a much better pedestrian experience as well.

{pedestrian bridge looking south}

{ramp on north side of Wells Drive}

{ramp on north side of Wells Drive}

{looking west on Wells Drive}

{looking south from Wells Drive pedestrian entrance}

{red box shows location of new pedestrian bridge}