Delmar Loop Development Continues East, Includes Demolition for Parking Lot

{rendering of 6108 Delmar and adjacent parking lot}

From the Times of Skinker-DeBaliviere comes news of the next East Loop development. The former site of Original Cast Lighting (6108 Delmar) will be renovated into retail and restaurant space. The adjoining building immediately to the east will be demolished for a sidewalk-fronting surface parking.

Both the Delmar Commercial Committee and the Historic District Committee have reviewed and voiced support for the development plan, with small changes. Parking is a challenge in the East Loop, especially on performance nights at the Pageant, however, other choices are available for parking. What could make the Loop better is infill and not demolition. The building being sacrificed for approximately 23 parking spots isn't particularly historic, but its absence will create the one hole in this block.

The building is less than 800 feet from a MetroLink stop and on the route of the hoped-for Loop Trolley and yet transit-oriented design (TOD) isn't being pushed. There will always be someone claiming a need for more parking because our business model in St. Louis has yet to embrace or recognize other forms of transit. What's disheartening about this proposal is that if the market won't support TOD here and local governance committees won't require it, is there any chance for the rest of St. Louis?

Other parking options should be considered before additional buildings are demolished. The Pageant lot is large enough to build a large parking structure. Even two levels could add almost 200 parking spaces, lessening the need for more demolition. Washington University has considered building parking on their North Campus, adjacent to the Pageant lot to address the removal of on-campus parking. Any structure should be made available to Loop patrons after 5pm. At some point we have to stop demolishing buildings and adding parking lots to "further improve Delmar."

{6108 Delmar – the one-story blond brick building is set to be demolished}

{aerial view of 6108 Delmar – building to be demolished is outlined in yellow}