This Wednesday: Chautauqua Art Lab 2010 Features “Media, Urbanism & the Built Environment” Roundtable

"Media, Urbanism & the Built Environment" will be the topic of a roundtable conversation this Wednesday as part of Chautauqua Art Lab 2010. I will be joining Michael Allen, Antonio French, Toby Weiss and Rick Bonasch to talk about on-line media and its possibilities and limitations in St. Louis.

Wondering what to expect from a media, urbanism & the built environment roundtable? Here's a little more info on the night:

– Each participant will present a 5-minute overview of their on-line project
– We will each address the following 5 questions:

  • Who is your intended audience, and how well do you feel that you reach them?
  • We all know that online media offers greater accessibility – but how does the format affect your content?  
  • What is your relationship with traditional media /journalism?
  • How does your online project affect your professional position – are there conflicts of interest or a kind of symbiosis? 
  • What are your responsibilities running an online entity – is there a set of ethics that you follow? 

– Open Q&A from the audience

The Basics:
Who: Michael Allen (Ecology of Absence), Antonio French (Pub Def), Toby Weiss (BELT), Alex Ihnen (Urban STL) & Rick Bonasch (STL Rising), Facilitated by Jordan Hicks

What: Media, Urbanism & the Built Environment: A roundtable conversation about the opportunities and complexities of online media pertaining to urbanism, architecture, preservation and politics in St. Louis>

When: Time: 7-8pm with open discussion lasting longer

Where: Location: Open Lot, Address: 1310 S 18th Street (Lafayette Sq)

Why: because you care about the future of St. Louis!
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