FOX2, KPLR Cover City-County Split Research by CBC Student, Omit urbanSTL as Source of Information

First: Anything that gets St. Louisians talking and thinking about local political issues and the costs of our Byzantine regional political structure is good.

Second: It's fantastic that Joe is being recognized for his work and passion for St. Louis.

Third: KPLR and FOX2 are committing an act of lazy reporting at best and unethical journalism at worst by not citing as the source for Joe's City-County research paper.
To clarify, Joe's paper was published here Monday, May 3. St. Louis Magazine Tweeted "A 3,500-word piece about City/County reunification — by a CBC junior: #stlouis," providing a link to Urban STL, Tuesday morning, May 4. The Riverfront Times Daily RFT blog featured the story later that same day. They also chose to include a link and context: "Daily RFT doesn't normally recommend high-school history papers, even ones written for AP classes, as useful and informative reading material, but we make an exception here for "The History of Possibilities of a St. Louis City-County Reunification" by Joe Huber, a junior at Christian Brothers College High School. You can find the entire paper posted here on Urban STL." Why didn't FOX2/KPLR do the same?

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