City to River Gets Concrete About Removing Concrete Jungle

City to River is up with a post on their website asking supporters to take several specific steps to advocate for the removal of I-70 between the Poplar Street Bridge and the new Mississippi River Bridge. The post also presents more detail regarding City to River's continuing efforts.

The group has been meeting with design competition finalists, property owners and other constituent groups, gathering endorsements. The group is also seeking public support and there are a number of things you can do to advocate on behalf of City to River. Read their post here.

While the design teams continue their work to create a unique vision for the Arch grounds and downtown St. Louis, the people of St. Louis must voice their opinion. The end result of this competition will affect St. Louisians more than the tourist or occasional visitor.

Removing an Interstate is a difficult proposition. However, the National Park Service in their General Management Plan for the Arch grounds state very directly that the NPS, "strongly supports the removal of the Interstate highway between Poplar Street Bridge and Eads Bridge." MoDOT has stated that removing I-70 is a possibility and that a 50K car/day boulevard could replace it. This is the same amount of traffic as on Michigan Avenue alongside Millennium Park in Chicago where 20K pedestrians a day pass a Bread Co. (Panera) and other restaurants and retail.

The official City+Arch+River Competition Manual states, "This Competition is about connections and weaving an urban park into the city fabric of St. Louis."

The only option that achieves this goal is an at-grade boulevard and the removal of I-70. Please visit the City to River page and join the effort to reconnect our city to the Arch and river!

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