New Aldermen Continue to Shape the City: Cohn Introduces Complete Streets Bill

Our city's streets have been owned by the automobile and largely the automobile only since the Mill Creek Valley was cleared and the Daniel Boone Expressway was coined the "Daniel Boone Parking Lot" by locals. Our roads have been widened, any obstacle that would slow a car removed. All else, pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchairs have taken the figurative back seat.
But things are changing in St. Louis and as often happens, change begets change. The city is seeing major roads narrowed for pedestrians for the first time in possibly ever. South Grand is getting a new streetscape, same for Manchester Avenue in The Grove. And now, Alderman Shane Cohn, himself part of the change occurring in St. Louis, has introduced a Complete Streets bill. Check the introduction below, think about the St. Louis streets you know that could be better for the pedestrian and then read the bill introduced by Alderman Cohn. You can support the bill by contacting your Alderperson and letting them know that you support Complete Streets.

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