Why You Should Support Increased Metro Transit Funding and Vote “Yes” on Prop A – Part 3

Why You Should Support Increased Metro Transit Funding and Vote “Yes” on Prop A – Part 3

You should vote “YES” on Prop A because you recognize the value of having choices when traveling.

Many times driving a car is the best option. Need to buy a week’s worth of groceries for your family of five? Yeah, you’re going to want the family truckster. But for some shopping trips, for getting to Forest Park, for your doctor’s appointment, for your daily commute, Metro is an option. For the most significant events in the St. Louis region, the Forest Park Balloon Glow and Race, Live on the Levee, Komen Walk for the Cure, St. Louis Marathon, Tour of Missouri and the 130 or more professional sporting events each year, Metro provides an option.

For some Metro is the only option. Some do not want to own a car. Some cannot afford to own a car. Some aren’t able to drive a car. What are they to do without transit options? Cutting bus routes and reducing frequency of service will severely impact these individuals. It will also tell those looking for apartments, homes or jobs near transit that their options are few, that to live in St. Louis you really must have a car. St. Louis enjoys a comprehensive Interstate and highway system. We also pay billions of dollars for it. Providing transit choices means directing just a small percentage of our region’s overall transportation spending to mass transit.

So vote “YES” on Prop A, provide yourself and others choices other than driving to live and work in St. Louis.


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