The big BIG tour Offers the Best Chance to Tour St. Louis City Homes – Sunday, March 28

The big BIG tour Offers the Best Chance to Tour St. Louis City Homes – Sunday, March 28

The Big BIG Tour has become a fixture in St. Louis, a once-a-year opportunity to explore the City’s incredible housing. And the best part? If you see something you like you can buy it! Yes, they’re all for sale. And it gets better, the tour is held in conjunction with the City Living Expo. If you’re a realtor or community organization there’s still time to reserve space at the Expo. If you don’t live in the city, admit it, you’re curious about what’s out there. Maybe you’re asking yourself why you would consider living in the city. Well, here’s your chance. If you’re already in the city here’s your chance to explore and consider where you may want to buy. Here’s the quick two-step plan:

1) Get started as early as 9am at Compton Drew Middle School located at 5130 Oakland, next to the St. Louis Science Center, talk to realtors, architects, neighborhood and community organizations and more. It’s all in one place, saving you a boat load of time and money.

2) Grab a map and head out on your free tour of for-sale properties in St. Louis (open 10am-2pm) and don’t forget to grab a coffee or lunch at one of the many independent restaurants you’ll pass along your way!

Check out all the details below:

The Big BIG Tour 2010 Press-Release – St. Louis


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