New Blogs Add to Vibrant St. Louis Blogosphere

New Blogs Add to Vibrant St. Louis Blogosphere

St. Louis has been a vibrant contributor to the blogosphere at least since the term itself was coined by our own Brad Graham in 1999. Some long-established blogs continue to put out excellent material while other high quality blogs still exist, but are more or less dormant. But what’s great about the current St. Louis blogging community are the number of new blogs contributing to our knowledge of the city. After you retweet some urbanSTL tweets, scan the forum for the latest news and discussion, take a look at these relative newcomers who are making St. Louis a better place:

NextStopSTL – Metro’s official blog

Gateway Streets – focused on transportation issues in St. Louis

St. Louis City Talk – currently detailing neighborhoods throughout the city

WU Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation – detailing WU involvement in FPSE

Nicki’s Central West End Guide – art and more in the CWE

City to River – advocating for the removal of I-70 in downtown St. Louis

St. Louis / Elsewhere – contrasting St. Louis and alternative developments around the world


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