The Grove Replaces Sewer Pots With Concrete Balls

As much as I wanted to write a funny headline I just couldn’t stomach it. You see, I’m not convinced that big concrete balls are any better than big sewer pots. The issue is the function and usability of our streets, continuity within our neighborhood and, of course, future development opportunities. Closed streets were a disincentive for me to move to the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood almost four years ago and they remain a negative for the neighborhood.

And that’s not to mention the highway barriers that were installed this past year. I have been told that those barricades were added after several residents expressed concern for the safety of children who might otherwise run or bike between the sewer pots and into traffic. It’s for the kids you know, and I’m guessing that until we care less about our children the second layer of barricades may just stay. That’s sarcasm.

What I don’t understand is why public city streets can be closed temporarily indefinitely without any mechanism to readdress their need. The closing of city streets should never be routine or normal. Residents of closed streets should have to reaffirm the need, not simply a desire or an indifference but a need to continue a temporary street closure.

The “before” shot:


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