Searching for Context: Residential Urban Infill Proposed for South of Manchester in The Grove

This site recently posted about a potential infill project south of Manchester Avenue in The Grove. I’ve received a variety of feedback on the renderings included in that post and most commented in some way that the proposed homes were “uninspiring,” “disappointing” or simply “won’t fit in.” So the Urban Workshop went to take a look at the existing context.

Below is one rendering of potential infill along Vista and Norfolk and a number of photos of existing housing stock. I did not attempt to photograph lots proposed for infill, but rather existing housing that will presumably remain. While there may be some demolition sought, the RHCDA has stated that occupied homes will not be targeted, though it appears that two vacant corner buildings may be. Take a look at the pictures and tell us what you think.

{rendering of potential infill}

{possible demolition}

{possible demolition}

The following images are all existing buildings within the project area: