Washington University, Home Depot Team Up to Help Keep FPSE Residents Safe and in Their Homes

While not everyone seems to always appreciate the presence of Washington University at the doorstep of Forest Park Southeast (and its ownership and activity throughout the neighborhood), I think it’s going to be hard to fault this effort. The WU Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation teamed up with Home Depot and Rebuilding Together St. Louis to help an FPSE resident with some basic, but incredibly important home repairs.

Fox2 covered the story and the recipient of the help left a message on the Fox2 comments section:

I was the fortunate homeowner who received the blessings from Rebuilding Together, Home Depot and Washington University today. The people from Home Depot donated their time and building materials to repair areas in my home that desperately needed attention. I have been unable to afford these repairs and also lacked the know how to get them done. All of the volunteers from Home Depot and the house captain, store manager Tom Harris were so knowledgeable, able and very nice. I appreciate all that has been done for me today. Thank you very much! These services are a GOD send to me and I am very very grateful.

Thank you WUMCRC for helping an FPSE resident say in their home! If you do not often check out the WUMCRC blog you should. They are doing some excellent work in the neighborhood. If you’re not someone who bookmarks your favorite 24 urban issues blogs keep checking back here and I’ll highlight their best work.