Pedestrians 1, Traffic 14,600: People Line Up for Pedestrian Celebration of Rebuilt Interstate

{the Big Bend reopening – the sign reads “Our trips to the bridge were so much fun. We will miss them now that you are done.”}

Yeah, I’m a cynic and yes, I know that I-64 is an Interstate highway and meant for cars and not people, but the one day “celebration” planned for the reopening of I-64 from I-170 to Kingshighway really irks me. And why is the reopening of an Interstate a civic celebration? Perhaps building BIG things still has a hold on our collective imaginations.

And there’s nothing like a pedestrian-only event to celebrate an Interstate that severely limits pedestrian activity. It’s one day walking the highway versus 14,600 days (or at least 40 years) of being restricted by it.

Anyway, everyone will have their chance to walk, ride or skate along roughly five miles of I-64 from Kingshighway to near I-170 this coming Sunday, December 6. There’s something for the competitive racer as well as the casual observer. Check out the image below for more details. I may have missed it, but I’m hoping that there was a sign at the opening of the Cross-county MetroLink line that read, “We had fun watching you build MetroLink. Adding transportation options proves that you think.”


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