Call It Chaos, Call It Devine Intervention, Call It a Traffic Miracle: Wankers Corner Gets a Roundabout

{a roundabout has been built at the intersection of Stafford and Borland Roads – circled above}

Nearly 20,000 vehicles traverse the intersection of Stafford and Borland Roads in suburban Portland each day. Until recently each vehicle would approach the intersection, stop at a red flashing light, look left, look right, look straight ahead and determine whose turn it was to go. As The Oregonian notes, traffic would back up “over the horizon”.

Traffic engineers often refer to a roundabout as a way to introduce chaos, forcing a driver to reduce their speed and make decisions. For $4M, Clackamas County removed the stoplights and built a two-lane roundabout. One nearby church led the effort by providing $1.5M of the total cost.

The traffic jams have disappeared. People can get to their work, the saloon, country store or church (and maybe all four) on time. Roundabouts are quite fashionable in the Portland area, and it’s not just because they’re “progressive”. Roundabouts simply make sense. Check out the “Related Content” links for more about this traffic miracle.