McEagle Adapts, Offers More Sensible Proposal: NorthSide Regeneration TIF Redevelopment Plan

The Tims (Logan and Bryant) continue to do excellent work over at the Building Blocks blog over at the Post-Dispatch. I know, a blog? Aren’t those for techies, enemies of intellectual property rights or guys living in their parent’s basement? Sure, but every once-in-a-while they’re useful. Anyway, Tim Logan has been covering NorthSide and has a good synopsis of changes found in today’s revised NorthSide TIF plan.

In short, the TIF request is a few million dollars less than the previous draft, the TIF request will be broken up into phases, eminent domain decisions will wait and any city backing of the TIF will require separate legislation. It appears to me that some of most significant constructive concerns raised have been addressed. This leaves some very important questions unanswered, but it appears clear that Paul McKee has been receiving better advice.
NorthSide Regeneration TIF Development Plan