Found: Nail Houses in St. Louis

{two homes on Washington Avenue just south of the Delmar Loop}

{a home on Forsyth Avenue near Forest Park Parkway – thanks to Vanishing STL}

They may not be such stark examples as the image below from Seattle, but St. Louis does have a few development holdouts, homes now seemingly out-of-place only because their surroundings have been leveled and built on a different scale. Any other examples out there?

{the perfect example of a nail house – Seattle, WA}

Google Sightseeing has an interesting post up about nail houses, those homes that have refused to be removed in the face of large developments. They offer great examples from Bismark, Washington, D.C. and plenty from overseas. Do we have any nail houses here in St. Louis? Does our capitalist nature, eminent domain and an easy-to-move-to-the-burbs environment mean that there are no examples here? Do you know of nail houses in the St. Louis area?


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