Forest Park Adds a “Place”: Intimate “Council Circle” Being Installed Near Deer Lake

Forest Park Adds a “Place”: Intimate “Council Circle” Being Installed Near Deer Lake

{drawing of "Council Circle" and approximate location}

I use Forest Park nearly every day. I run there. I ride my bike there. I go on walks there. My daughter plays there. I visit the Zoo and museums. I just hang out there. But I don't have a favorite "place." In fact, I've found that for all its amenities and beauty that Forest Park lacks "places".

No one "place" will satisfy everyone. If it did it would quickly become too crowded to be enjoyable. I'm talking about that small spot where you make it a point to return time and time again, where you feel most comfortable. This is challenging in a park of almost 1,300 acres, but one more attempt at creating "place" is coming. Set to be completed by early October, a "Council Circle" of stones designed as a setting for small presentations or simply relaxing is being built next to the path behind the Sigel statue where Union Boulevard terminates in Forest Park.

From Forest Park Forever:

There is a new amenity going into the Deer Lake Natural Area, a Council Circle. This arrangement of stones will offer a perfect setting for outdoor educational opportunities as well as a quiet place for park users to enjoy the beauty of the area. Construction has begun and should be completed in early October. The Council Circle is located off of the path that runs from the Sigel Statue to Deer Lake. A generous gift by Bill and Gina Wischmeyer has made the construction and annual maintenance of this enhancement possible



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