Missouri Texting Ban Written for Children by Adults Acting Like Children: Bans Further Bans

Not only did Missouri State Legislators exclude themselves from the texting while driving ban, they excluded everyone else from including them. From the Post-Dispatch:

St. Charles Councilman Bob Kneemiller said today he’ll withdraw his proposed ordinance aimed at barring people of all ages from sending text messages on cell phones while driving in the city.

That’s because a new state law prohibits local governments from enacting restrictions on the issue that are tougher than the state’s. The state law, which takes effect Friday, bars drivers 21 and younger from texting but allows older motorists to do so.

The new law also says “the state pre-empts the field of regulating the use of hand-held electronic wireless devices in motor vehicles” and that the state provisions “shall supercede any local laws, ordinances, orders, rules or regulations enacted by a county, municipality or other political subdivision” on the issue.